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Crystal Lake Soccer Federation

CLSF, a boys and girls soccer club in McHenry, IL, county with recreational and competitive leagues, logo.


What Type of Weather Conditions Will Cause Game Cancellations?

Games will be played in almost all weather conditions. Lightning is one weather condition that will force the suspension or cancellation of games. If the fields become unsafe due to an excessive accumulation of water, games may also be canceled. On rare occasions in the past, games have been canceled due to accumulations of snow. Game cancellations will be posted on the "News Announcements" page of the website. Coaches are told to check the website and then contact individual players. The decision to cancel games is usually not made until early in the morning of the day of the game, and not the night before. This is due to the fact that our fields drain water extremely well and are usually playable except under the most extreme conditions.

How do I become a referee?

Click here for more information.

Does CLSF have high school age recreational division for boys?

Currently no. If there is interest CLSF can form a HSB rec team. CLSF does have Force competitive teams for high school boys, with open tryouts in May and October. 

As a parent, what do I need to know about youth soccer

Every parent should read the US Youth Soccer Parent Guide.  

What is CLSF's refund policy for the recreational program?

Any request for refund must be received prior to the start of the session and can be submitted here. All refunds are subject to a $20 processing fee per player. A refund request received after a player has been rostered with a team is subject to a $50 fee. Prior to the Fall session, players are typically rostered on or before August 1. No partial refunds will be granted for players who withdraw once the Fall session has begun, or who elect not to play in the Spring session. 

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