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Crystal Lake Soccer Federation

CLSF, a boys and girls soccer club in McHenry, IL, county with recreational and competitive leagues, logo.

Rec Program Philosophy

CLSF's Commitment

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable and safe environment where players can learn the game of soccer as well as the value of being part of a team and competing for a common goal. To do so, players will be instructed by a combination of volunteer coaches and professional trainers who will teach the technical, tactical, and philosophical aspects of soccer in a program consistent with the age and skill level of the player and the team. By placing the players first and winning second, we will encourage players to do their best and develop a love of the game.

Player's Commitment

Players are to come to practice ready to learn, have fun, and grow in the sport. Players also should be committed to attending all sessions sanctioned by their coach and should make it a priority to be present as much as possible. If a player can not attend a practice, game, or team activity, they should notify their coach in advance so that they can plan accordingly. 

Players are expected to be punctual and to come to each session with focus and a desire to improve. They are also expected to bring a soccer ball, shin guards, water bottle, weather-appropriate attire, and proper footwear. Most importantly, players are to be passionate about the game.

Parent's Commitment

Under no circumstances are parents to coach players during the game. If any issues do arise, it is important that parents address these issues with the coaches away from the field and conduct themselves in a mature manner that is focused on the best interest of the player and the team. Parents must remember they are representatives of the program and their children at events. As such, they are to conduct themselves in a positive manner and set a proper example for players.Parents are to uphold the commitment of their child/children in the program. Parents are asked to volunteer time to help achieve the many tasks needed to run the program. Specific contributions can be discussed with the team’s coach or CLSF representatives.

Coach's Commitment

Coaches are always to do what is best for players and provide a safe and fun environment for age- and skill-appropriate activity. This will include, but is certainly not limited to, maintaining a positive outlook and attitude, ensuring that the equipment and fields are safe, reinforcing player’s commitment; keeping players and parents informed on dates and times of team activities; keeping personal egos out of the game; always seeking what is best for each player/team; and most importantly, motivating players to continue to achieve goals and build their passion for the game. It is important that coaches do not focus solely on winning, but instead on the betterment of players.

Coaches are always to remember the success of their players is more important than any coaching achievement. Therefore, motivating players to improve, have fun, and succeed is the most rewarding thing a coach can do. It is this reward, which should be the sole motivation of each coach. Seeing a player advance to a new level is only a compliment of the player’s efforts and the coach’s commitment to their success.

Volunteer Obligation

The success of our Recreational League program rests in large part on the efforts of volunteers. It is the obligation of each family to make a commitment to participate in a volunteer activity, whether it be coaching, acting as a team parent, working in the concession area, helping out as a field marshal, or participating in some other manner. All of our Recreational League coaches are volunteers. This allows us to keep our program affordable. Each year we are in need of new parents to volunteer to coach their child's team. Please seriously consider this volunteer option. 

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